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H ere you'll find more info about this site. Requirements and a short view of the making.


Title: GurkoZ Productions Homepage
Started: 20/07 -97
HTML construction: Notepad
Graphics Construction: Photoshop 4, Paintshop pro 4, 3D studio MAX, Deluxe paint IV & V, Gif Construction set, Art Department Pro 2.0.
Display Requirement: 800x600, 1024x768 - for best experience.
Color depth Requirement: 65k.
Coolness Requirement: Coolness priority level 3.

The Making

My first homepage suffered from bad layout and interface. It was a bit messy to find things. But then again, it was my first real WWW page, and VERY experimental.
So now with this new page, i try to get a more professional look. Same kinda layout allthrough.
I started this new page from scratch, i didn't like my old one, so i didn't want anything old shit in here.
First i made up some sketches and notes about all the sections. I made a rough edit, so i got all the pages in there. I was about to scan some of my notes, but i didn't get access to a scanner. ;o/.
This time i keept the HTML cleaner, no strange java script that only netscape could read, this time all should get the chance to view it. Even IE users...

All the HTML was made in Notepad, no editor was used. On the old page i used HotDog pro 3.0 a bit. But not this time, Notepad/Wordpad Rocks!, that's a fact ;o)

Info 02

This time, i wanted every small detail to be perfect, No more messy or strange design... Easy and attractive was my guideline. Just let us hope you all find it easy to get around.
Spent a HUGE amount of time on the design and all the graphics. The menu was the biggest challenge, it features: 13 tables, 45 pictures and 10k of code.

Info 02
Made the menu graphics in photoshop. After some time, it got quite hard to keep track on all the bits and pieces. But with the help of Guidelines, Grids and notes i pulled it off.
Photoshop is ideal for making table graphics, just paint a cool menu, place some guides and copy the bits out. After this process, you can make your HTML tables.

This site may be a bit demanding, with all the graphics. I know this, so don't get me wrong, i can make "easy" pages too, but after all this is my homepage. And Graphics are my callsign so Graphics it is. ;o)
And i like to think that i's worth the wait ;o).
The way i work, is that i'll make my page out from the graphics and the vision. No html should stop the page from looking cool.
First i make the graphics, design it to bee cool and attractive. THEN after that, i make the hard core HTML and all the tables.
If you make the page in HTML first, it's rather hard to fit in lots of grapics in all made up tables.

Info 03
The Menu

Another big issue here was the little mascot i wanted for the page. I wanted a new kinda cartoon dude. But that ain't that easy.
It had to be fairly simple, yet have a cool look and feel. I tried a whole bunch of faces and styles.

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I used Paint Shop Pro 4, for the skteches. The best way to do this would be to make some sketches on paper, then scan them. But again, i didn't have access to a scanner. PsP is far better to make rough sketches than PS. In the end, i stuck with the green little dude with yellow eyes... let's call him Gnurk. ;o)

Pointless to say, the 40 frames animation ment some work. Made all the frames in Photoshop, and then compiled em in GIF Construction set 32.
(I would have showed all the frames i used, but potoshop would not allow me to open all of em, when i took this screenshot ;o/).
Info 08

Now i hope you know a bit more about how i work and the making of this site. Tanx for taking the time to read all this bull ;o).

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qs01 "Creation is an act of sheer will."

Gurkoz Productions 1998.

All HTML and gfx on this site, is spawned from the creative mind of GurkoZ.
So don't mess with it, or i'll kick ya sorry ass.
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