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Here you'll find all the info and GurkoZ related stuff you'll ever want to know. Check out who i am, things i've made and all the things that, in my opinion rule.

The info file of GurkoZ Productions.

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So, you would like to know more about GurkoZ and GurkoZ Productions?. Find out the story about it all, read and understand the legacy, worship me! hahaha, im going a bit to far here.
Well, Search no more, this is THE place to get the info you need.

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Check in here to have a look at whats going on and going down in GurkoZ Productions.

The creative archive.

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This it the place for all the stuff i've made. Download some customizations, check some graphics, view the other homepage projects or flip through my logos.

Well stuff,.. need i say more.

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Here you'll find all sorts of things. This section is for all those pages, and stuff that don't fit in on Creations. There's just one way of explaining this.. Stuff!

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So, your about to leave heh?. Well go with dignity, and use one of my links outa here.

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A well known rule around here is that you make frequently visits to the guestbook. ;o)

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