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S o, you've come here to find out more about GurkoZ, and his GurkoZ Productions. Well this is the best place on the net to get "accurate" information on this "GurkoZ" fellow.

GurkoZ Productions

GurkoZ Productions may sound like a big multimedia company, or something like that... but in reality, it's just a fun thing i started some years back. Instead of printing "Made by GurkoZ", i got "GurkoZ Productions" sounded a bit punchier and cooler.. ;o)
This was all for the fun part, still i try and use it in all i do. I put copyright and all rights reserved on all things i make... Well, i don't have any "real" copyright for GurkoZ Productions.. but it's a start.. But who knows, in five years, maby you'll see "GurkoZ Productions" on your cereal box ;o)

Usually i'll make homepages and graphics, both for my own or clients use. Well i ain't making any big money on it, but i sure as hell would.
But if you like my work, and need some kind of gfx, drop me a line or two, and i'll see what i can do ;o)

GurkoZ the man, the myth, the legend ;o)

So who is this GurkoZ fellow?. Well,
My name is "x", better known as GurkoZ,.. I live in Dals-Rostock, Sweden. Im born 1977, and at this stage im 20 years old. The name "GurkoZ" comes from a nickname i got early in my life, when i went to kindergarden i think. But back then it was "Gurkan", don't have a clue on why i got it. Only thing i remember is that we had a dude there, also called "Gurkan" and when he left, i became the next gurk in line. A while after that, it moved on to "Gurkis", then "Gurkos". Here i changed the name to "GurkoZ" with the Zed. At that time, i just thought it was cooler with a "Z" in the end. I did never realize that this made a extreme unique name. I promise you, it will be hard to find another human, dog, cat, thing or superhero called GurkoZ in this part of the galaxy. ;o) Make a search on the net, and see what you come up with. My goal here is that the name GurkoZ, will be associated with quality, look, new edge design and cool stuff in general.

The artistic side

I've made drawings and sketches, as long as i can remember. Back in first grade, i filled paper after paper with drawings and other silly stuff. This sure is my big passion in life, numerous pens have gone down under my hand. I got good grades in "art/bild" in school, so this made me go on with my artistic skills. Applyed and got accepted on a three year education on an art collage called "Magnus åbergsgymnasiet" in Throllhättan. These three years added a lot to my experience, saw new exiting techniques and tested various ways of sketching and drawing. Although the big deal of the course had a more artistic feel, that i didn't like. I sure learnt quite a bit. A long time i only stuck to pencil drawings with huge amount of detail, i didn't have the skill to let loose and sketch free. Now i've gone past that stage, and this showed to be a big advantage to me. Making a rough sketch, and then spend time with the details is the way i work nowdays.


On the side of the art, i've always had a big intresst in Computers. It all started with consoles like, nintendo 8bit, mastersystem 8bit, and then the Commodore 64. At this point when i was about six or seven years old, we all played games all day long. We had not yet seen the creative side of computers. For the consoles, it was just games, and that's the way it's still to this day,... that's why consoles are so dull, you can't create anything. When i some years later saw the potension of the c64, with pixel tools like, photo paint and pixmix. I got REAL into it. I remember borrowing a c64 from my cousin. Trying to draw with the STUPID c64 resolution of 2x1 pixels. It sure was crap. I used "shoot 'em up construction kit" quite a bit. With this cool tool, you could make your own shoot em up games. I was hooked on the ideea of making something own and unique, a own game. Made numerous games, but they all came down because of the lack in "SEUCK". The big flaws in my games was that i always wanted to do more and more.... it all became to much. Some time after this, the Amiga hit the scene.. Here we could make, create and edit just about anything. Got the mega ultra cool pixel tool "Deluxe paint", this was a kick ass program!, and it still is. I stuck with the Amiga for quite some time, made lots of GFX and GurkoZ Productions customized stuff. But as time went by, the support on the Amiga went away to it's rival, the evil PeZe. And soon the PeZe had all the coolest games, best graphics abillities and all the stuff we wanted. (no, we never asked for windows...this was an act of the devil.) Some people sold their amiga, and bought a peze. Other stuck with the Amiga, (and still does) and cursed the PeZe all to hell. I did a combination, i keept my Amiga (still do), and bought me an 486, in the start just for all those cool RPG's. But soon the 486 lost it's value (mind you, the Amiga never dies) so i bought me a P166. And thats the computer i use still to this point. It's gone under some upgrading and it still kicks ass with 64MB RAM and the Monster 3d 3DFX card.

I love to edit mess and create graphics, any kind goes. I've tested a big deal of ways to produce graphics, both 2D and 3D. But i like to edit and create other things as well, just as long as it's creative and fun. Finds my self editing the sound in all games i play, i hate when the sound sux!. And if anything else sux, i'll change that too.

I guess im a create and edit dude.... ;o)

Present time & Future to come

At the time im writing this, im 100% for homepage design. I love it, it rocks. And hey! i could make money on this, but it ain't that easy. I have no Education lined up, although im trying to find one that suits me. Jobs are hard to get these days, and im out for the Homepage jobs, or else it's a nono from my part. I ain't spending the rest of my life in a coal mine, woking for craps. No, i need a fun and creative job, thats what im after. Either that, or i'll stay here and make more graphics and stuff for you folks out there ;o)

Life ain't just money... Although i like em ;o)


Well, if you want to talk to or mail me.... Try some of this..

ICQ: 458492
IRC: "Quakenet -" -,, #cots, #gom.

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All HTML and gfx on this site, is spawned from the creative mind of GurkoZ.
So don't mess with it, or i'll kick ya sorry ass.
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