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H ere's the place for all the news, updates and info related to GurkoZ Productions. I will post all updates i'll make on this page, also all stuff going on in GurkoZ Productions. Mind you, im no "news freak" so i won't update with things like, "walked the dog" or shit like that.
But if something cool or fun has happened, like i've found a far out game, i'll post it,... To make a long boring text short...
I'll only post things that's cool, and related to GurkoZ Productions. ;o)

25/07 Im back!!!!!!.

Return of tha GurK.
  • Hiya folks!
    Im finally back!, it's sure been quite a while since i last made an update here, and numerous things have happend. I'll try and explain it all here, and what the prospects and ideas of the future is.
    Let me first set one thing clear for all you out there, No i haven't given up my site!.. no, no and no, and i never will.. so hold on to those mails asking why i ain't updating. (although i like getting mails.)
    I have been quite busy the last couple of months, or shall we call it Humungus megabusy... Anyway, my work as a webdesigner take a lot of my time. And sad to say, it puts you of to the idea of going home after work, and updating you site.
    This and the facts that my girlfriend and the summer partys take up a great deal of my spare time, is making it hard to keep the site up to date.
    But this was not the biggest problem i had, i planned an update a while back. Only to notice that the ftp login to my homepage site was out of order. So i couldn't get access to the site and make changes. But today the bloody thing worked again, and im updating as we speak ;o)
    In the future, i'll move the whole site to a new domain, (allready did actually) im hosting it at work now, i have an ip an all. (plus unlimited webspace ;o) All i need now is an domain to point the ip to. (guess what the domain will be ;o)

    So now i'll start working hard on a new upgrade of the site.... it might not be the 2.0 to 3.0 update,.. but it sure as hell will be a new 2.5 version site! ;o)
    I've advanced quite a bit in webdesign, and to tell you the truth, i think this site sux!. I would like to do a whole makeover, but that'll take forever with the little time i have. ;o/
    I sure would like to implement some shockwave or flash3 on the site, but i won't do that untill the browsers make that into an standard. I'll try and make the page viewable for you all.

    So hold on to your tags, and a new GurkoZ Productions site 2.5 will be up an running. ;o)

  • 20/03 Happy days!.

  • At this time, im having a hard time keeping updating this page, mainly because my web space here is OUT! (my spare time too). So, i'll be moving this site to a bigger server. (Tanx again Anti!) When it's all done, expect a big update! ;o)
    In the next update, you'll be able to download all my backdrops in real 1024x768 size!, More creations! and more cool stuff! ;o)
    Also!, im in the work of starting a "HOW TO" Graphics/web design section, where you can see and learn how to make some cool GFX/HTML work.

    AND!, i've just got me a job as a Webdesigner!... weeeeeeee! ;o)

  • Quake 2 Enhancement look back..
  • Well... what can i say,... It turned out to be a rather big thing. When i first posted the news here in Sweden, the response was very good. I got loads of mail telling me how you all liked it. After some time, i posted the news on some US news pages... and the reaction there was likewise. And i still get mails about this.... so i must thank you all for the great response on this!.
    A new version!?.... Well... i've got a lot of mails asking if i will go on, and make more versions of this... hmm.. well.. the answer "should" be,.. NO, because this pak "should" be perfect, and there would be no need for a new version. BUT i never! consider anything finished, you always can make thing better. So i'll continue making small changes and fixes, and in some time, a new version WILL be out! ;o)

    Here some of the respones from you guys out there ;o)

    - it's the best thing I have ever heard and seen!
    - I LOVE IT!!!
    - WOW!, just what Quake 2 needed!
    - I was totaly blown away!, Everything was great!!
    - Tanks for the sound patch!
    - The sound are both original, and well designed... exellent work!


    Quake 2 Enhancement v1.0.
  • It's finally here!.. after a great deal of work i've managed to get this pak file perfect. This new pak is not just an sound enhancement, but also contains some new graphics.

    Enhancements since last time is...

    * New Console back.
    * New Custom font.
    * New Crosshairs.
    * Cooler Machinegun sound.
    * New Hyperblaster sound.
    * New World sounds.
    * And more, more, more...

    Get your own copy of the GurkoZ Productions Quake 2 Enhancement now!.

  • COTS Quake 2 clan skins.
  • The past few days i've been messing with the COTS Quake 2 clan skins...
    Made both a Male and a Female skin.
    Make you way to for further information.

  • 17/02 Faster Creation navigation online.

    Creation QuickView.
  • Just finished the work on a new Creation navigation feature. Named it QuickView. It's an faster way to browse through my creations. You can use this feature on all of the pages within creations.
    This icon is placed on the navigation bar in the lower right, and takes you into QuickView mode.

  • 03/02 GurkoZ RoKKar p?"Folkradion",... hoho

    Coolio.. hoho...
  • Today they where talking about moving away from your hometown to bigger places on da radio. And since i don't like the dump where i live, i mailed em @ mail. ;o)
    Listen to it here. (in Swedish)

    MP3 file - 300k (External viewer)

  • New Creations menu...
  • Ah man,... it's finally up... i've made a new menu,.. and it's huuge.... (no not 65MB)..
    I've added som sections to it, and a whole bunch of pics and graphics... check it out ;o)
    When i made the new menu, i had to change a number of things..... so this turned out to be a bigger project than i thought. The whole site now features:

    175 htm pages..
    357 jpg files..
    49 gif files..

    I know.. it's more than it looks... and more it shall be,..
    (if only i had more space... grr.. my 10MB is running out.. ;o/)

  • 29/01 Fixing time.

  • Well.... Im in the work of making this site load quicker. I've got some complains about the load time. And im doing all i can to make it load in no time.
    But what is there to do?. Well, if you want transparent pictures, you must use GIF. So there's not much to do there. On the the JPG pictures you can lower the quality, resulting in crappy resolution. You could remove some graphics, but this i don't like.
    The biggest load on the page at start, is the six or seven Gnurk pictures. They are all GIF Transparent.
    What i've done now is that i've lowered the quality on some of the jpg's. And made them progressive so they get on screen faster. Also made a new "start" page instead of the "main".
    I hope this will make this site load a bit better at startup. But some patience is still required. ;o)
    (A new "creation" menu will be up in a wile.)

  • Movement.
  • The other day my clan buddy Anticrist_COTS fixed me a new web url to host my page. I might just move it all there. Still, the will still work.
    Tanx again Anti ;o)

  • 16/01 It's Enhancement time!....

  • Added a bunch of stuff in the Creations/Quake section. Both my first Quake Enhancement, and the new Quake 2 Sound Enhancement. And some other stuff.

  • Got my X-Wing vs T-Fighter sound enhancement placed in the Creations/Misc section. Check it out if you like to play XvT. ;o)

  • Added Two old WARD logos.

  • 12/01 Look it's id software!,.. no it's lucasarts! no, it's GurkoZ Productions!!!!.

  • Yes! it's finally here... the GurkoZ Productions homepage v2.0.
    After months of hard work and mind cracking html, i've managed to pull off this one man non profit project. It took quite some time and work to make this baby fly.
    But now it's here, and i don't regret a second of it.
    So what does this new site offer?... you might ask... well, more and better content, that, i can say. Spent a huge amount of time on design and layout, so let's hope you'll find it attractive and easy to use. It now works better with IE and the other browsers. No more annoying wav files, OR midi. My knowledge in HTML and GFX has grown since last, and i hope this shows on this site.
    So, i welcome you all to the NEW GurkoZ Productions web HOME. Hope you'll stay a while, and check back some day.

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    So don't mess with it, or i'll kick ya sorry ass.
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