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E ntering this page, means that you MUST sign and view my guest book. No!, don't even try and hit "back", it's no use. This past few weeks iv'e advanced quite a bit in my java programming. So, take heed, it's strange how harddrives can be errased sometimes ;o)
(heh, that should do it.. )

Book Of Legends View Sign
This is the book of legends... It's older than the rock it self. Older than the nexus of all things. Older than the crust of the world. Older than the first spark of life.
It was created a long long time ago. By the gods, for the gods. It's written in demon & virgin blood with the finger of Thrall, "Thou one who pointed to lucifer only once, and no more".

So, take this oportunity and pick up the Finger and [Sign] it. Making you a part of the legend.
Then, you can [View] it, and see the legacy of it all.

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