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T his may not be the biggest or best link page in this universe. But what do i care?, i'll just put links here that are cool, usefull or just plain good.

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Well, what can i say. THE place to go, no matter what, go there... ;o)
Quake news?, go here.
Kick ass site, featuring up to date info on Quake and other games.
Kick ass
PlanetQuake, a good place to get all the modifications, maps or addons there is for Quake. A bit messy i think, but after some furious searching you'll get there.
"SkrattNet", best place for the best jokes. Enter here and you'll never stop reading. The Windows jokes kills me ;o)
WARD - The Amiga Demo scene. Kickass DemoGroup, me? member?, hell yes!,.. sure is.
The Bunny Survival Test. hoho check it out.
COTS - Cult Of The Shadow Quake Clan. Expertise Coolness. ;o)
Radio P3. Rally Rullar.
THE Search Engine.
THE FTP Search Engine. Use it to find those games... heh..
MHA - Malm?Hacker Academy. Sure would like to go there... mmmm sure would.
Cool Usefull,... i think,..
Stuff for Windows 95. ;o/
UAE - The Ultimate Amiga Emulator. Emulates the Amiga on your PeZe, does it good too.

Nice place for Graphics related stuff.

Creative minds

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